Fairfield Grammar School
Grammar School
Bristol, England

Faifield Grammar School The school, situated in Fairlawn Road, Montpelier, began life in 1898 as Fairfield Secondary and Higher Grade School.
A century later, surviving two world wars, it is still going strong. It was accorded grammar school status in 1945, after the 1944 Education Act.

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Many of the past students are members of the Old Fairfieldians Society, which is always eager to receive news from anyone with links to Fairfield. Details from Julian Baldwin at
Old Fairfieldians Society

Centenary Video
Applecart Television Facilities has produced a video to celebrate the school's centenary. The 74 minute programme tells the story of Fairfield through the memories of former pupils and teachers, who talk about what school life was like during their time there. The video includes many photographs of the school and of past pupils and staff.
Monkey Temple Drama Studio
Old Fairfieldians and visitors
watching the video in the
Monkey Temple/Drama Studio
at the Centenary Celebration.

"I remember my father told me he came here
on the first day, he must have been seven..."

"One day three of us went up onto the roof..."

"Boy... Miss Chudleigh could teach Maths
and Miss Chudleigh could keep discipline"

"We went down the air raid shelters
when there were daylight raids..."

"Every year we held a
concert in the Colston Hall..."

"Mr Stewart was not very tall
but he made up for it in presence..."

"The Bristol Bordeaux Exchange was started..."

"I used to love school dinners..."

"I think my job as a Head Teacher..."

Faifield Grammar School
If you were a pupil at Fairfield,
this video will certainly bring back
memories of your schooldays.

For further information see Old Fairfieldians web site